6 People To Follow For The Best Crypto Information

When it comes to figuring out your investing style for cryptocurrencies and NFTs, it’s important to manage risk in a way that won’t leave you feeling stressed or anxious. You need to source information from trustworthy and reliable people in the industry. There are thousands of so-called “professionals” within the crypto space that pop up daily, but how do we differentiate between who is providing legitimate and accurate information and who is providing faux and misleading information?

I’ve been in this space for the last 5 years, researching different sources of information from people who provide true value with accurate data. After going through the rubbish, I have found some gems that have helped my investment/trading career grow. I have made tons and tons of mistakes, but these people have helped me become a successful investor. I have my own process, but I take bits and pieces from everyone below to make it my own. I’d like to share these people with you:

Keith McCollough

If you want to understand global macro trends and follow a defined process, then subscribe to Keith from Hedgeye. He provides insight on day-to-day global macro trends. I use Hedgeye as my base for understanding what state the world economy is currently in and where we are likely headed. Keith invented “the quads” and they are, in my opinion, crucial to understand if you want to stay ahead of the game.

I truly suggest you visit Keith’s website by clicking here and have a look for yourself.

Raoul Pal

Raoul is perhaps one of the most well-spoken individuals in the crypto space, as well as global macro. He provides excellent insight on where the entire crypto space is headed and how to make sense of the entire wed3 space.

Visit Raoul’s site here for free crypto content.

Ellio Trades

Want to get ahead in the crypto space, especially with blockchain gaming and new coins? Then check out Ellio. He is passionate about crypto and has a true vision for how gaming and play to earn gaming will evolve over the next few years. Ellio will keep you ahead of the curve in the crypto space.

Click here for Ellio Trade’s daily crypto content.

Eric Krown Crypto

I go to Eric for both short and long term technical analysis (TA) for several crypto currencies. Depending on your trading/investing style, it’s a good idea to understand some TA to improve your decision making process, especially if you are focusing more on the short term.

Visit his YouTube Channel here for daily technical analysis.

Will Clemente

More technical analysis from our friend, Will. He is one of the best analysts in the crypto space and gives viewers his honest and fact based analytical perspective. He provides the data as it is, without the fluff.

Visit his Twitter page here for daily crypto (especially BTC and ETH) analysis.


If you really want to get into the nitty gritty, then look at Polynya. He focuses on ZK Rollups, which are layer 2 blockchain solutions. Although not many people are speaking about them, they are incredibly important as the crypto space continues to grow. ZK rollups will also provide an amazing investing opportunity for those early in the correct projects. It’s important to educate yourself now on ZK roll ups so you can stay ahead of the curve.

Visit Polynya’s Twitter page to learn more.

I hope this helps getting you started on the right path!




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Wassim Kanaan (The Kanaan Report)

Wassim Kanaan (The Kanaan Report)


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