What is ZKSync? Introducing a rare opportunity to get free money

Wassim Kanaan (The Kanaan Report)
2 min readDec 20, 2021


ZKSync is a Rollup technology, which is a scalability solution for Layer 1 blockchains like Ethereum. Rollup technology allows blockchains like Ethereum to process transactions faster and cheaper, while doing it in a trustworthy manner. They do this by processing transactions off the Ethereum network and only adding them back to the network when the transactions are completed and verified.

Although ZKSync is one of many ZK-Rollup technologies, they are gaining traction quickly. They have yet to release a token, but there are rumors that they will be doing so soon. If you are an early adopter of this technology, you will have a chance to earn free money and all you have to do is use their network.

Here Are The Steps to Earn Free Money:

Go to https://wallet.zksync.io/.

Here you will connect your Metamask wallet or Wallet Connect to the ZKSync network. Then send a small amount of ETH from your wallet to your ZKSync wallet. Your receiving address will be provided once you have connected your Metamask or Wallet Connect wallet. Once you have sent over the ETH to your ZKSync wallet, your translation is complete and ZKSync will recognize that you have used their network. You can move the ETH back to your MetaMask or Wallet Connect wallet if you’d like.

Then go to https://uni.zksync.io/#/swap.

Here you will connect your wallet and do 2 free swaps. If you are connecting your wallet with MetaMask, make sure to change the network to ZKSync, which is located at the top of your MetaMask Wallet page. Click “Networks” and change to ZKSync 2.0.

Then click “Request Token From a Faucet”. It will ask you to Tweet something from ZKSync (you must have a Twitter account to do this). You will then receive free play tokens to your account. Do a couple swap, one to DAI and one to Link, for example. There are a few other tokens to choose from. It doesn’t matter which ones you pick, just make sure to pick 2.

Once you have completed 2 swaps, ZKSync will recognize that you have interacted with this network and will be eligible to receive free airdrops, in the form of a token,if they decide to release them. There have been airdrops in the past worth 5 figures, so it is definitely worth the 10 minutes it will take you to complete these transactions.

That is all, I hope this helps.

If this is still confusing, message me and I will be happy to take you through the process over a Zoom call for free. Thank you.




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